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Model :

Auto Switch D

Series Type Features
Series D Reed auto switch

General purpose, 2-color indication

Solid state auto switch

General purpose, 2-color indication

With diagnostic output (2-color indication)

Water resistant (2-color indication)

With timer


Trimmer Auto Switch D

Series Type Features
D-x7K Sensor Unit

One auto switch allows work pieces to be distinguished easily.

Minimum width to detect 0.5mm

OUT1 and OUT2 are adjustable separately.


Magnetic Field Resistant 2-Color Display Solid State Auto Switch D-P3DWx

Series Electrical entry Type Description
D-P3DWSC·E Pre-wired connector Solid state auto switch Magnetic field resistant 2-color display
D-P3DW·L·Z Grommet

It is possible to use in an environment which generates a magnetic field disturbance (AC magnetic field).

For use with AC spot welders, which generate strong magnetic field.
The operational distance between the welding conductor and the cylinder/ actuator or auto switch can be 0 mm.

Volume is reduced by 70% (compared to existing switches)

Can be mounted on bore size φ25 or φ32 cylinder/actuator.

RoHS compliant


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